Bulk Run SMS: How to trace phone number

The world is gradually growing more connected throughout the years with the use of technology. You can easily reach people from anywhere in the world by calling or messaging them through your mobile device. 

However, some people abuse the use of technology and use it to torment other individuals. Telephone harassment can go from a simple prank call to something far scarier. There are cases of harassment through calls where the victims are threatened by unknown individuals from across the line. 

If you are receiving threatening and obscene calls from numbers that you don’t know, you can use the method below to trace the number and ask for assistance from local law enforcement. Here’s how you can start call tracking:

  1. Find a call tracking service

It is impossible to track a device on your own unless you have the proper tools. To start tracing the caller, you should first look for a reliable call tracking service provider. Check if your provider has the following qualities before you start doing business with them: 

  • User-friendly 

It shouldn’t add up to the things that you need to worry about since the purpose of call tracking services is to help you. The service provider that you transact with should have a clean interface with easy to understand and intuitive commands. 

  • Call recording

Call recording allows you to keep track of the conversation that you are having, which is excellent for providing proof that the caller is assaulting you in any way. 

  • Multi-channel attribution

This feature allows you to track all of the touchpoints that led to a call. This includes seeing which data and sites provided information to the caller leading them to interact with you. 

  • Dynamic number insertion

This feature is the cornerstone of call tracing. It allows your device to dynamically swap out numbers from your pool of contacts so you can correlate incoming calls to specific sources. Swapping phone numbers allows you to track the source of your calls to the id that the caller setup. 

  1. Set up call tracking 

Now that you have chosen a provider, it’s time to create a call tracking account and activate your number. The number that you have recorded on your account should be the same number that is receiving the calls from the unknown number. 

  1. Track the number

Once you have your device setup, you can track any important details about the call on your dashboard. You will find a record of the data in real-time so you can immediately report to authorities in case you notice something off about the calls that you are receiving. 

There should be at least three recorded calls that indicate harassment before the authorities take action so make sure that you record every call that you receive from the suspicious number calling you. 

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