Bulk Run SMS: Texting basic etiquette

Texting has been the norm since phones were introduced. Find out the basic texting etiquette you need to know here at Bulk Run SMS. The basic texting etiquette is simple and plain…

But… when it comes to texting, “simple” and “plain” are relative. You see, there’s a lot of things… that are simple and plain… which are also stupid. So don’t let the simplicity and plainness of this guide stop you from being creative and having a little fun with your texting. After all…

You only live once!

Now, if we can just get those jerks who won’t text anything except “Aha!” or “Ugh!” and those dorks who think they’re too good to even talk on the phone but will text every last detail of their intimate life (like, say, the aforementioned “Aha!” or “Ugh!”) and those control-freak fascists who are on their cell phones so much they have no idea what real human interaction is like…

We Can Make A Ladder Out Of These Poor Souls

And climb it ourselves to the lofty perch of total communication domination.

Moreover, it’s very simple:

1. Sender(s): 

2. Begins by typing either a period or a space and then the phone number of the person or people he/she/they want to send the message to. (

3. Then, after that, they enter the actual text of the message. (

4. Finally, if there are multiple senders, each of them must enter a separate text ending with a period or a space. Receiver(s): (

5. When the receiver’s phone gets the message, s/he will get it in the exact same format as the sender. (

6. Therefore, if there are three receivers, the first one would get the number of the sender followed by a dot and then the text “Hello”. (

7. The second receiver would get the same thing but with a space after the period and before the text. (

8. The third receiver would get the number and then the plain old boring text. But wait! There’s more! The way people use their phones has evolved over the last ten years. Not only do most people now have two or more cell phones, many of those people also have two or more computers.

In fact, according to a study done by comScore, in July of 2006… 66% Of All American Adults Own A Computer And Of Those… 80% Have Access To The Internet! (source: www.comscore.com) And since cell phones are now linked to computer via bluetooth… that means… if someone is using a computer to read this guide (like you are right now)… that person can also read all the people’s texts… without needing to be on their cell phone. Remember how I said a lot of people who were over thirty-five no longer even have landline telephones? That’s because many of those people have gotten rid of their landlines for one reason or another… but… they STILL use their cell phones. So, let’s say we have a group of four people. The first two are sending text messages to each other and the other two are reading the messages on their computers. (NOTE: It doesn’t really matter if these two pairs are texting each other back and forth or not.) Well, guess what? Since the people receiving the messages on their computers don’t have to be on their cell phone… they can actually READ EVERY WORD OF THE MESSAGES…

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