Bulk Run SMS: Texting etiquette 101

Have the best life out there by knowing the texting etiquette 101. Learn all you can when you read about it here at Bulk Run SMS. The top texting etiquette that you need to know are the following:

1. Texting etiquette 101:

2. Don’t text and drive. This is extremely dangerous, especially if you are trying to do two or more things at once. It is a lot safer to use another method of communication such as call, phone call, or even email, which will not hinder your driving.

3. Respect people’s privacy. Just because you text your entire life with a cell phone, don’t expect everyone to share all their personal thoughts with you. When you text people, be very respectful of their privacy. If you have no good reason to text them, just leave it alone.

4. Respect time differences. Texting has become much easier for people, as we can now instantly send text messages around the world. However, that doesn’t mean we can go around texting all day long without thinking about how different time zones are in terms of how long it takes for text messages to get from one location to another. Try and keep this in mind when you are planning out your texts. Don’t forget that texting at night is extremely rude and will definitely annoy people if you do it often.

5. Remember your manners. This one is fairly self-explanatory, but don’t be a jerk while using your phone.

Be Smart About Texting

You might want to be careful with how you text because some people might think that you are trying to be sneaky. It would be embarrassing if someone actually finds out about your secret messages or calls. Keep it secret!

Avoid Personal Messages When Calling

Texting someone might sound fun but you should avoid doing this in front of other people. Just remember that if you accidentally send the message to the wrong person, you will get in trouble. It could even get you arrested if someone can prove that you sent a private text message to someone you aren’t supposed to.

If you ever want to communicate with a friend but they don’t have your number on their phone, you can add them as a contact on your phone. They will see your contact information and they can simply call or text you instead of trying to contact you directly through your social media sites.

Don’t Use Your Phone To Avoid Talking To Someone Else

You probably shouldn’t be using your phone when you are in a public place. It is rude to talk on your cell phone while in a restaurant or waiting for a bus.

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