Five default smartphone features that replaced essential items

The phone has come a long way from being a means of communication to one of the most versatile pieces of technology known to man. What was once a device that has to be connected to a landline has become a portable computer that fits in your pocket. 

Even without the fancy branded applications that you install to personalize your device, a smartphone has a plethora of unique features that people take for granted. Here is a list of default smartphone features that replaced tools that were once essential to the previous generation.

Internet data connection

A smartphone can connect to the internet thanks to most sim cards’ having long-term evolution (LTE) functionality. This allows the smartphone to connect to the internet with enough speed to run multimedia applications for streaming movies or playing video games. It made it possible for citizens to avoid relying on public wifi from cafes or restaurants. 

LTE connectivity also made it possible for companies to connect with employees through a virtual platform instead of having to mandate a company phone. Creating a short message service (SMS) network for companies used to be the main trade of Bulk Run SMS. The creation of virtual office platforms has innovated communications technology and reshaped how companies operate. 

Contact library

One of the first default apps a phone buyer will most likely edit is the contacts library. This is where people save important numbers from friends, family, work colleagues, and notable services. Before phones were capable of saving lists of contacts, landline owners used to buy phone books for various services in the city or town of their residence. 

A few pages at the back were left blank for listing friends’ telephone numbers. Business cards are still traded in the modern day but they all come with an email address and a QR code on top of the phone number. 

Phone and email calendar synchronization

Many households stopped collecting calendars thanks to the accessibility of an online calendar. Paper versions can only tell you the date of each day of the week and the holidays of the country. Other notable events had to be written on a book with sorted dates called a planner or a journal. Smartphones can let you set notes and reminders with an alarm feature to act as your virtual assistant to some degree. 

Phone front and rear cameras

Nowadays, only professional photographers and content creators invest in cameras. There was a time when digital cameras were still essential even with the existence of smartphones. Nowadays, the camera and display pixel qualities of smartphones have improved immensely over the last few years that a digital camera has become obsolete. 

Many independent content creators rely mostly on their smartphone’s camera and software assistant to create stunning visuals. They still rely on special audio recording equipment but they don’t need a cam-recorder. Bulk Run SMS enjoyed watching these developments in technology. It shows how far human ingenuity can go with a little creativity.

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